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"bullyproof your 
Child Before Bedtime!" 
-Rener Gracie

"Bullyproof your child before bedtime!"
- Rener Gracie

Kip and the Magical Belt

  • The Collection
    Get the book and your Bubba Bear, so you can Bullyproof your child before bedtime!
  • The Book
    Join in on Kip's journey and teach your child self-defense and boundary setting!
  • Jiu-Jitsu Bear
    Teach Your child the basics of self-defense with child-size Bubba, the jiu-jitsu bear!

Victoria Gracie is an author, jiu-jitsu instructor, and founder of MyKindOfMama.com, an organization that helps families create harmonious households with mindful parenting. A former professional dancer, Victoria learned often that life has bullies of all ages and sizes, but boundaries and being creative in how you handled them was most important. She is an advocate for emotional intelligence, compassionate communication, and self-empowerment. Her hope is that families use this book as a tool to discuss difficult topics like bullying and boundary setting. It is her dream to help others find their best selves by first believing in their own magic. She is living proof that traditional molds were meant to be broken.


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